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DABCYL-Lys-HCoV-SARS Amino Acid Peptide Catalog KS191006 CAS 730985-86-1

DABCYL-Lys-HCoV-SARS,Catalog Number: KS191006,Lyophilized,CAS#:730985-86-1 This 14-amino acid peptide is an internally quenched FRET substrate for HCoV 229E main proteinase (Mpro) [also called: 3C-like protease (3CLpro)] with a similar cleavage site to picornavirus 3C proteinases.

Antigenic Peptides

Detailed Indroduction In order to obtain the best effect of producing antibodies, it is necessary to carefully design the antigen polypeptide, and the design should meet a basic condition: in the process of immunization, the antigen will not produce an excessive immune response, and at the same time it can produce generate antibodies that bind to the protein of interest. It is generally recommended that the sequence length of the antigenic polypeptide be between 8-20 amino

KS-V Miscellaneous Peptide Standard 1 For Amino Acid Analysis Catalog KS151007

Peptide Standard 1 for amino acid analysis,Catalog Number: KS151007,Sequenc:CPDFGHIAMELSVRTWKY-OH This peptide contains 18 out of the 20 standard amino acids for use in amino acid analysis (AAA), sequencing, and mass spectrometry analysis. Gln and Asn are not in the sequence since this peptide was originally designed as a standard for AAA, and upon hydrolysis, they are converted to Glu and Asp, respectively.

Apamin Bee Venom Peptide Toxins Catalog Number K1090-V

Apamin Catalog Number:K1090-V,Store at -20C or -80C,Lyophilized A Blocker of Small Conductance Ca2+-Activated K+ Channels (SK Type) Apamin is an 18 amino acid globular peptide neurotoxin found in apitoxin (bee venom).Dry bee venom consists of 23% of apamin. Apamin selectively blocks SK channels, a type of Ca2+-activated K+ channel expressed in the central nervous system. Toxicity is caused by only a few amino acids, in particular cysteine1, lysine4, arginine13, arginine14

Amylin (rat) Diabetes Peptides CAS 124447-81-0 Catalog Number KS032012

Amylin (rat),CAS#: 124447-81-0, Catalog Number: KS032012 Rat/mouse Amylin differs from the human version in 6 amino acids: H18R, F23L, A25P, I26V, S28P and S29P (first letter is the amino acid of the human sequence). Unlike the human IAPP (Amylin), rat Amylin does not form amyloid fibers. Technical Data for Amylin (rat) M. Wt 3920.43 Formula C167H272N52O53S2 Sequence (Modifications: Tyr-37 = C-terminal amide, Disulfide bridge between 2 - 7) Storage Store at -20C CAS Number

Human Urocortin III Peptide CAS 357952-09-1 Molecular Weight 4137.93

Urocortin III (human),CAS#:357952-09-1,Molecular Weight:4137.93 A highly selective ligand for the CRF-II receptor, this peptide features an amino acid sequence of the urocortin III peptide that corresponds to amino acids three to 40 of stresscopin (human).

Thymosin Alpha 1 Immunomodulation Peptides Catalog KS131002 CAS 62304-98-7

Thymosin Alpha 1,Catalog Number: KS131002,CAS NO.:62304-98-7 Thymosin -1 is 28-amino acid fragment of a 113-amino acid precursor peptide, prothymosin . The 28-mer is involved in restoring immune function in animals that lack thymus glands and has been found to enhance cell-mediated immunity in both animal and human models.

Iberiotoxin Peptide Toxins CAS 129203-60-7 Catalog Number K1060-V

Iberiotoxin,CAS#:129203-60-7,Catalog Number:K1060-V,Store at -20C or -80C KCa1.1 K+ channels, Iberiotoxin is a potent selective blocker of the high conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels (maxi-K). Chemistry Iberiotoxin is a 37-amino acid peptide. The formula is C179H274N50O55S7. It is also known as "Potassium channel toxin alpha-KTx 1.3" or IbTx. The complete amino acid sequence has been defined and it displays 68% sequence homology with charybdotoxin. Target and mode of

Rat Amylin Peptide Catalog Number KS032012 CAS 124447-81-0

Amylin (rat),Catalog Number: KS032012,CAS NO.: 124447-81-0 Rat/mouse Amylin differs from the human version in 6 amino acids: H18R, F23L, A25P, I26V, S28P and S29P (first letter is the amino acid of the human sequence). Unlike the human IAPP (Amylin), rat Amylin does not form amyloid fibers.

ACTH (1-39) (Rat) Hormone Peptide Catalog KS061033 CAS 77465-10-2

ACTH (1-39) (rat),Catalog Number: KS061033,CAS NO.: 77465-10-2 Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH) (1-39), rat is a potent melanocortin 2 (MC2) receptor agonist. Peptide fragments of ACTH (1-39) were formed during in vitro incubation of the peptide with membrane preparations. ACTH (1-39) were isolated by high pressure liquid chromatography, and peptide fragments of ACTH (1-39) characterized by determination of amino acid composition and NH2- terminal residue.

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