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KS-V Calcium Like Peptide 3 Catalog Number KS071004 CAS 261969-05-5

Calcium Like Peptide 3,Catalog Number: KS071004,CAS NO.:261969-05-5 CALP3 is a cell-permeable calmodulin (CaM) agonist that binds to the EF-hand/Ca2+-binding site. Activates phosphodiesterase in the absence of Ca2+ and inhibits Ca2+-mediated cytotoxicity and apoptosis (IC50 = 33 M).

Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide II (Human) Catalog Number KS062014 CAS 98824-26-1

Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide II (human),Catalog Number: KS062014,CAS NO.: 98824-26-1 Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide is a potent hypotensive agent and a member of the calcitonin/CGRP multigene complex. This peptide is 37 amino acids long and contains one disulfide bridge. It is highly conserved among species.

Charybdotoxin Peptide Toxins Inhibitor CAS 95751-30-7 Catalog Number K1080-V

Charybdotoxin,CAS#:95751-30-7,Catalog Number:K1080-V,Store at -20C or -80C KCa1.1, KV1.2, KV1.3 K+ channels, Charybdotoxin is a potent selective inhibitor of high conductance (maxi-K), different medium and small conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels, as well as a voltage-dependent K+ channel (KV1.3)1. Chemical properties Family The Charybdotoxin family of scorpion toxins is a group of small peptides that has many family members, such as the pandinotoxin, derived from the

Iberiotoxin Peptide Toxins CAS 129203-60-7 Catalog Number K1060-V

Iberiotoxin,CAS#:129203-60-7,Catalog Number:K1060-V,Store at -20C or -80C KCa1.1 K+ channels, Iberiotoxin is a potent selective blocker of the high conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels (maxi-K). Chemistry Iberiotoxin is a 37-amino acid peptide. The formula is C179H274N50O55S7. It is also known as "Potassium channel toxin alpha-KTx 1.3" or IbTx. The complete amino acid sequence has been defined and it displays 68% sequence homology with charybdotoxin. Target and mode of

Calciseptine,Channel Type:Ca2+ Channel Blocker,CAS#:178805-91-9

Potent, specific L-type Ca2+ channel blocker (IC50 = 15 nM). Inactive on other voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels. Smooth muscle relaxant and cardia contraction inhibitor. Neurotoxic. Active in vivo and in vitro. Calciseptine (CaS) is a natural neurotoxin isolated from the black mamba Dendroaspis p. polylepis venom. This toxin consists of 60 amino acids with four disulfide bonds. Calciseptine specifically blocks L-type calcium channels, but not other voltage-dependent Ca2+

Lyophilized Protoxin II CAS 165168-50-3 Catalog Number N1030-V

Protoxin II,CAS#:165168-50-3,Catalog Number: N1030-V,Sequence:YCQKWMWTCDSERKCCEGMVCRLWCKKKLW NaV channels and T-type Ca2+ channels, ProTx-II inhibits NaV channels1. ProTx-II could also modulate T-type Ca2+ channels at higher concentrations. Sources Protoxin-II is a neurotoxin that is derived from the venom of the Peruvian green velvet tarantula (Thrixopelma pruriens). Chemistry ProTx-II is a 30-amino acid peptide with a molecular weight of 3826.65 Da. The structure of ProTx

Calcitonin (rat),Catalog Number: KS061022,CAS NO.: 11118-25-5

Calcitonin, a peptide hormone involved in calcium and bone metabolism, is effective in treating hypercalcemia caused by bone metastasis, multiple myeloma and osteitis malformation, and is also effective against osteoporosis.