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Mouse Urocortin III Neuropeptide Peptides CAS 357952-10-4

Urocortin III (mouse),CAS#:357952-10-4,Molecular Weight:4173 Urocortin III, mouse TFA is a corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF)-related peptide. Urocortin III preferentially binds and activates CRF-R2. Urocortin III (Ucn3) is a known component of the behavioral stress response system. Urocortin III and CRF-R2 in the medial amygdala regulate complex social dynamics.

Human Urocortin III Peptide CAS 357952-09-1 Molecular Weight 4137.93

Urocortin III (human),CAS#:357952-09-1,Molecular Weight:4137.93 A highly selective ligand for the CRF-II receptor, this peptide features an amino acid sequence of the urocortin III peptide that corresponds to amino acids three to 40 of stresscopin (human).