Custom Peptide Services

Custom Peptide Services


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Peptide Synthesis Platform



KS-V Peptide is committed to innovative technology development and exploring new techniques for peptide synthesis. We have provided over 30,000 high-quality peptides to more than 3,000 scientists globally. Using our independently developed advanced microwave technology for peptide synthesis, KS-V Peptide can deliver peptides in as short as 3 days. Our strict QC testing service ensures that every peptide is delivered at a high level of quality.


Our Technical Advantages



  • More than 300 kinds of cyclization and modification technologies, difficult peptide cyclization
  • High-efficiency chemical total synthesis technology has overcome the glycopeptide synthesis problem that has plagued the scientific and industrial circles for more than ten years
  • Capable of large-scale, controllable, high-efficiency, low-cost and rapid production of polypeptides with a complex structure of up to 400 amino acids, creating an international record
  • Discover the original innovative targeting peptide + comprehensive linker compound library, the PDC platform has an international leading edge
  • International leading membrane protein expression and purification technology platform
  • The fastest delivery speed in the industry, as short as 3 days


Ordinary peptide customized systhesis

Fast and high-quality delivery, if necessary, we will keep your synthetic peptide sequence strictly confidential and sign a confidentiality agreement with you.




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Difficult peptide customized systhesis


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