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Advanced Peptide Synthesis Technologies



                                           latest company case about   0  Long peptide synthesis and refolding technology                                       latest company case about   1  Peptide conjugation technology


                                                       latest company case about   2  Unnatural amino acid module library                                                             latest company case about   3  Peptide modification technology


                                                       latest company case about   4  Hydrophobic peptide synthesis and refolding technology                         latest company case about   5  Peptide cyclization technology




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Discovery Platform Technologies



                                latest company case about   7  High-quality target protein generation for screening to secure success from the source


                                latest company case about   8  In-house libraries:linear,mono-,bi- and multi-cyclic peptide phage libraries, from 7 to 30 amino acids,innovative DNA encoded library



                                latest company case about   9  Various peptide modification and optimization methods to improve the peptide stability and binding affinity


                                         latest company case about   10  Featured structural biology analysis and AI-assisted design to identify the best peptide sequence



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Structure Analysis Platform Technologies



                                    Our platform is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments.

                                    We can offer a wide range of NMR services to support various life sciences research projects.

                                    We have an expert team with strong expertise in structural biology, protein science and computation.

                                    We can offer one-stop protein structural biology services from gene synthesis to cryo-EM structure.

                                    Our experts will work with you to tailor a solution that fits your research needs.



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