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Custom Peptide Synthesis


Kesheng Jingpeptide has always been committed to the research and development of innovative technologies, exploring new technologies for peptide synthesis, and has provided over 3000 scientists worldwide with as many as 30000 high-quality peptides. The independently developed synthesis platform integrates advanced microwave technology, enabling the delivery of peptide peptides by students to be completed as quickly as 3 days. Strict QC testing services ensure high-quality delivery of each peptide.


Service Featrue




Service Details
  Conventional peptide synthesis Fast peptide synthesis Rush peptide synthesis
Delivery cycle* 10day 6day 3day
Sequence length Up to400AA 5-25AA 5-25AA
purity Crude product~≥98% Crude product~≥98% Crude product
specifications mg~kg accessible100mg accessible100mg
Modifier Type 400Multiple extensive modifications 30Seed modification 30Seed modification
solubility test X
TFA counter ion removal Guaranteed and Standard Standard type Standard type

*The delivery cycle is specific to standard sequences. In case of difficulty, non-standard sequences, or additional QC, the cycle will be appropriately extended
**100% full delivery for orders within 20mg, suitable for conventional peptide synthesis and rapid peptide synthesis services
***Rapid peptide synthesis services include Fast peptide synthesis services and Rush peptide synthesis services

Delivery Standards

Kesheng Jingpeptide peptides are delivered in freeze-dried powder form and packaged in independent sample tubes according to customer requirements. To ensure the quality of peptides, Kesheng Jingpeptide also provides the following documents and services:

  • HPLC/MStest report
  • COA Document
  • Technical consulting support
  • Flexible packaging options