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KS-V Peptide Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in peptide drug discovery and innovative technology services. The founding team is from Tsinghua University and University of Science and Technology of China. The management team has rich experience in innovative Drug development and technical services.
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Hefei KS-V Peptide Biological Technology Co.Ltd Company Profile


Hefei KS-V Peptide Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was initiated and established by the top scholars in the field of Chemical biology from University of Science and Technology of China, Tsinghua University and other universities. It has established KPDS™ platform for innovative peptide drug discovery, screening, optimization, targeted delivery and verification , as well as built the world's leading phage display cyclic peptide library and DNA coding based peptide library screening.


  • 7000+ Square Meters of Land
  • 70+ Full Time Innovation R&D Team
  • 10+International Leading Science Advisor and Industry Advisor
  • High and New Tech Enterprises
  • Global Leading Product Service-oriented Innovation Team



KS-V Peptide has provided peptide services to over 1,000 academic clients and 100 industrial clients from more than 30 countries. We are committed to promoting innovation to support drug research and development, as well as healthy living. At KS-V Peptide, we are excited to collaborate with clients around the world to create innovative partnerships.



Company History



2017 Established the Protein and Peptide Drug Application Engineering Technology Center at the Institute of Advanced Technology, USTC.


2018 Initiated KS-V Peptide in collaboration with IAT, USTC, and Hefei High-tech Construction Investment Group.


2019 Achieved first prize in "Creative China" Hefei Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.


2020 Collaborated with Suzhou Innovation Institute, established Suzhou branch, and joined Suzhou Research Institute's incubation platform.


Co-founded "Peptide Drug Research and Development Center" with Shanghai Institute of Pharmacy and Suzhou Innovation Institute.


Organized the 16th Chinese International Peptide Symposium (CPS2020).


2021 Selected for Anhui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project, established Shanghai Marketing Center.


Invited to 2021 Torch Science and Technology Achievements Direct Train (Anhui Station) and hosted the Yangtze River Delta Artificial Intelligence Innovative Drug R&D Industry Summit.


2021-2022 Completed angel round financing and round A financing.


2022 Unveiled Anhui Province Innovative Drug Concept Verification Center, established wholly-owned subsidiary KS-Changli.


2019-2022 Recognized as "Young Eagle Enterprise" for four consecutive years, National High-tech Enterprise, Hefei key enterprise, and more.


2023 Relocated KS-V Peptide to the National Big Data Health Industrial Park.




Corporate Philosophy




KS-V Peptide culture



Vision: Global Leader in Peptide Oriented Drug Discovery and Technological Innovation Services


Mission: Innovation To Help Drug Research And Development Cooperation To Promote Healthy Life


Value: Innovation, Focus, Service and Win-win



In the era of innovative drug development, KS-V Peptide will adhere to the three-pillar strategy of "core tool products + technical services + innovative research and development," integrating highly developed structural and chemical underlying platform technologies. We aim to provide comprehensive support for research institutions and industrial enterprises engaged in the modernization of innovative drug development in China and globally. Our services span from research innovation to outcome transformation, drug development, preclinical research, and early clinical stages, all in accordance with international regulatory standards.



Covering innovative products and customized service needs from laboratory, preclinical to early clinical stages, we assist clients in transforming drug development from the genetic level into clinical drug molecules. We highly focus on and advance the development of the next generation of innovative drugs targeting unmet clinical needs.





KS-V Peptide Discovery Services Platform(KPDS™)





Advanced Peptide Synthesis Technologies



Long peptide synthesis and refolding technology     Peptide conjugation technology
Unnatural amino acid module library     Peptide modification technology
Hydrophobic peptide synthesis and refolding technology     Peptide cyclization technology




Drug Discovery


Discovery Platform Technologies



  High-quality target protein generation for screening to secure success from the source

  In-house libraries: linear, mono-,bi- and multi-cyclic peptide phage libraries, from 7 to 30 amino acids,innovative DNA encoded library

  Various peptide modification and optimization methods to improve the peptide stability and binding affinity

  Featured structural biology analysis and AI-assisted design to identify the best peptide sequence






Structure Analysis Platform Technologies



Our platform is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments.


We can offer a wide range of NMR services to support various life sciences research projects.


We have an expert team with strong expertise in structural biology, protein science and computation.


We can offer one-stop protein structural biology services from gene synthesis to cryo-EM structure.


Our experts will work with you to tailor a solution that fits your research needs.










            Work at KS-V Peptide


The National Health Big Data Industrial Park of Hefei High tech Zone has been built into an internationally renowned and domestically first-class demonstration biopharmaceutical industrial park.



KS-V Peptide is located in the National Health Big Data Industrial Park,Building A2 and C2-403, with a construction area of approximately 8000 square meters.




            Talent Development


Employee First, Customer-Centric" is the core of our corporate culture. KS-V Peptide has consistently placed a high emphasis on building a talented team in both technology and management. With the development of the company, a unique corporate quality has been formed, innovatively integrating the values of the company, employees, and partners. In the future, KS-V Peptide will continue to implement a "people-oriented" development strategy, establish a talent training and reserve system, actively recruit high-quality talents from different fields, enhance employee overall competence through training, and improve the performance evaluation system and talent incentive mechanisms.




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Hefei KS-V Peptide Biological Technology Co.Ltd
Headquarter:#A2, National Health Big Data Industrial Park, Hefei, China
Phone Number
0551-65120828 0551-65120826
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