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Peptide Conjugations

KS-V Peptide provides you with fast and high-quality services with innovative and professional peptide coupling technology. Detailed Indroduction With the application of new technologies that support the development of new PDC models, peptide-drug conjugates will continue to move forward as a new field for the treatment of cancer. KS-V Peptide can provide: Peptide-Small Molecule Conjugation Peptide-nuclide drug conjugates Peptide-nucleic acid conjugated drugs protein

Antigenic Peptides

Detailed Indroduction In order to obtain the best effect of producing antibodies, it is necessary to carefully design the antigen polypeptide, and the design should meet a basic condition: in the process of immunization, the antigen will not produce an excessive immune response, and at the same time it can produce generate antibodies that bind to the protein of interest. It is generally recommended that the sequence length of the antigenic polypeptide be between 8-20 amino