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Custom HPLC Peptide Synthesis Analysis Services

Description: High Performance Liquid Chromatography is an analytical technique for separating compounds in a sample matrix. Separation is achieved by dissolving the sample in a suitable solvent and injecting it into a stream of solvent called the mobile phase. The mobile phase (and injected sample) is passed through a stationary phase (HPLC column). The compounds exit the column at different times based on the affinity the compounds have for the mobile phase and the

Cyclic Peptides

Detailed Introduction KS-V Peptide team can effectively overcome the difficulties of ring formation and folding of cyclic peptides and disulfide-rich polypeptides,and has successfully synthesized polypeptides rich in 4 pairs of disulfide bonds with physiological functions, and even achieved the synthesis of 7 pairs of disulfide bonds. Peptides have various structures, including chain polypeptides, cyclic peptides, etc. Because chain polypeptides are so flexible that they can