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KS-V Custom H/C/2D NMR Peptide Analysis Synthesis Services

Description: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is an analytical technique used to study compounds including small molecule pharmaceuticals (active pharmaceutical ingredients), natural products, fine chemicals, polymers and biomolecules (including proteins, nucleic acids and carbohydrates) and more. NMR data is mostly used to determine the precise arrangement of atoms that make up a molecule either by showing how they are bonded (scalar coupling) or how close they are to each

Modified Peptides

Detailed Indroduction Based on protein chemical synthesis technology, KS-V Peptide has solved the technical barriers that such molecules are difficult to prepare. It is currently the company that provides the most complete range of customized modified peptide products in China, and can provide various modified peptide synthesis services according to customer needs. Currently widely used: serotonin modification, PEG modification,Biotin labeling, phosphorylation modification,

Peptide Conjugations

KS-V Peptide provides you with fast and high-quality services with innovative and professional peptide coupling technology. Detailed Indroduction With the application of new technologies that support the development of new PDC models, peptide-drug conjugates will continue to move forward as a new field for the treatment of cancer. KS-V Peptide can provide: Peptide-Small Molecule Conjugation Peptide-nuclide drug conjugates Peptide-nucleic acid conjugated drugs protein