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Modified Peptides

Detailed Indroduction Based on protein chemical synthesis technology, KS-V Peptide has solved the technical barriers that such molecules are difficult to prepare. It is currently the company that provides the most complete range of customized modified peptide products in China, and can provide various modified peptide synthesis services according to customer needs. Currently widely used: serotonin modification, PEG modification,Biotin labeling, phosphorylation modification,

Custom MS LC-MS Peptide Analysis Services

Description: Using peptide mapping, subtle changes to the primary structure of a protein or antibody can be identified that may affect the activity of the protein or the binding affinity. Peptide mapping by LC-MS/MS is one of the most powerful qualitative assays to confirm the primary sequence of proteins or antibodies. This service can be used to compare different lots of the same proteins, antibodies or biosimilars. Service of peptide mapping analysis by LC-MS/MS includes: