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Custom MS LC-MS Peptide Analysis Services

Description: Using peptide mapping, subtle changes to the primary structure of a protein or antibody can be identified that may affect the activity of the protein or the binding affinity. Peptide mapping by LC-MS/MS is one of the most powerful qualitative assays to confirm the primary sequence of proteins or antibodies. This service can be used to compare different lots of the same proteins, antibodies or biosimilars. Service of peptide mapping analysis by LC-MS/MS includes:

Custom MALDI-TOF Peptide Analysis Services

MALDI-TOF MS Technology Can Help Customers in The Following Aspects: Microbial Identification There are differences in the sequence and size of ribosomal proteins and some housekeeping proteins (usually 2-20kDa) between different bacterial species. These ribosomal proteins account for about 60-70% of the dry weight of microbial cells. MALDI-TOF MS can obtain the peptide mass fingerprint through the detection of microbial samples, and compare it with peptide fingerprint

KS-V Custom H/C/2D NMR Peptide Analysis Synthesis Services

Description: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is an analytical technique used to study compounds including small molecule pharmaceuticals (active pharmaceutical ingredients), natural products, fine chemicals, polymers and biomolecules (including proteins, nucleic acids and carbohydrates) and more. NMR data is mostly used to determine the precise arrangement of atoms that make up a molecule either by showing how they are bonded (scalar coupling) or how close they are to each

Peptide Impurity Profiling Service - KS-V Peptide

Peptide Impurity Profiling Service Presence of an impurity can be a real issue in drug development. It can considerably lengthen and complicate development times if not characterized in time and incur considerable extra-costs. Sometimes the entire formulation has to be reviewed. Thats why impurity profiling analysis is an important step in drug development and drug storage. An impurity is defined as an unwanted compound remaining in a drug formulation other than the active